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Image of 1.5mm brilliant~cut champagne diamond

1.5mm brilliant~cut champagne diamond


1.5mm brilliant~cut champagne diamond.

Would you like to add a diamond to your wedding ring
A 1.5mm stone can be set into a ring 2mm - 5mm in width.
[best suited to 2mm width ring, as pictured]

These tiny diamonds are cut with the maximum amount of facets making them really sparkle.
Champagne diamonds are naturally occurring diamonds with a subtle champagne colour, they are graded for brilliance and clarity and are sought after for their beautiful and subtle colour variations as well as their radiance.

Each stone is hand set by our experienced diamond setter using a 'rub-over setting' which means there are no protruding claws to catch on your clothes.

Cut: Brilliant
Colour: Champagne [the colour can vary very slightly]

1.5mm diameter
average carat weight: 0.018cts

[all of our stones are ethically sourced and are conflict free]


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